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About the Author Evernique Nation

I grew up in a rural town in Mississippi. While growing up, I mostly stayed to myself. My mind was full of ideas. My childhood was spent trying to bring those ideas to life. I failed most of the time. However, I did not give up. 

My luck changed when I took a literature class in school. I loved those stories. The teacher would always have us write essays after each story, which was read out loud. It took me at least 15 minutes before I could start writing in class. I recall how my teacher would stare at me because everyone else was writing except me. Before writing anything, I had to figure out the story’s purpose.  Eventually I would find the purpose of the story. My secret was having an open mind. That open mind led me to write a story with a purpose. 

I hope you have an open mind and find that purpose I intended as you read my book. I would love you to write an essay about that purpose. You can send it to my email at, and I will share some of your thoughts on my blog.

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